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one of the most terrifying things is waking up and not being able to move a limb that’s supposed to be able to move or at least it is for me. sometimes I’ll sleep funny and I’ll wake up with my arm all tingly and kinda numb but it still works but one time I woke up and my arm was limp I tried so hard to get it to lift up but nothing happened it was numb like dead weight in my lap.

at this point I began to freak out I started slapping it, picking it up with my other hand and shaking it, hitting it against the wall, sucking on my fingers (something I do when my hands go numb to get the blood flowing) and I did this for what must of only been a couple minutes but it felt so much longer. maybe it’s because being paralyzed is one of my worst fears but it was completely terrifying. my arm just sitting there useless and dead.

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(5:11am) the sky is gorgeous this morning

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If this isn’t an entrance to a fairy world then I don’t know what is…

Fairy Glen, Isle of Skye, Scotland, April 2014

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okay but it was like they took caliborns genes after he went all lord english and used it on people to try and recreate the whole lord english thing in a diluted form to try and get an army to fight him but ended up getting him some minions, a talking duck with a cutesy voice and lies a lot convinced lord english to sit with her and talk about why he’s so great. dead dave kept floating into acid because lol it can’t kill me and regina was flirting with that uncle guy from city of bones, luke while fighting with snow and emma because she was done with this place and wanted to go back.


I had the most fucking dumb nerd dream in the world I can’t believe this

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I can’t believe this freaking dream was like oh yeah kinda weird happy ending yay oh wait lol nope screw u you’re gonna get spooked

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